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Do You Want To Be A Victim Or Get Empowered? – Alexi & Preston – SC 84

By Jayson
December 28, 2016

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Want to hear how two people move from victim consciousness to a place of empowerment? Alexi and Preston have some bold answers on how to get over your victim mindset when it comes to relationships and your past. If you want to be challenged in a good way, this episode will help you.


  • How did Preston & Alexi begin their journey of personal transformation? [14:00]
  • Why do people struggle in relationship? [21:30]
  • Preston & Alexi’s backpack metaphor that helps them thrive in their relationship struggles. [23:00]
  • Why Preston couldn’t last 20 minutes watching an HBO show with Alexi. [26:00]
  • The lessons from their last big fight. [30:00]
  • Preston shares the biggest tool a man can use during a fight with his partner. [36:00]
  • The deadly sins of love. [42:00]
  • The difference between victim and victim consciousness. [45:30]
  • Alexi shares a traumatic personal experience and how she empowered herself around it. [48:00]
  • Your action step. [57:00]

The 5 Deadly Sins of Love 

  • Criticism
  • Contempt
  • Defensiveness
  • Shutting Down
  • Lying



As the Co-Founders and Co-Creators of The Bridge Method, Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles have supported thousands of people who have dramatically changed their lives by participating in their various programs and workshops all over the world.

For the past 10 years, they’ve both dedicated their lives to learning as much as they could about Human Potential, Positive Psychology, NLP, Ontology of Language, Transformative Studies, Somatic Training, and Esoteric Wisdom to step into their own leadership and truly “walk the walk” of this work.  They are insanely committed to leading others on this same path, and empowering them to step fully into their unique gifts to create a world that works for everyone.

Recently married, this couple is truly committed to transforming the way the world works, by transforming the lives of individuals. They currently speak and lead workshops all over the world (both together and separate), as well as run their own widely successful inspirational YouTube Channels.  Both Preston + Alexi released their first solo books in June 2016 under the publishing house of Simon + Schuster; and will be releasing their first collaborative book with the same publisher in January 2017. http://alexiandpreston.com





  1. Rosie

    I could not have listened to this at a better time. I just got done complaining to (or critisizing really) the guy I’m seeing that he always has to walk away or hang up when an issue arises. I get so angry when a partner doesn’t want to talk things out right away, just like Alexi was saying- I take it personally and start to feel like they are just not interested in fixing what’s broken at all.

    Throughout the Podcast Jason verbally points out the tools that come up in the conversation which I found to be extremely helpful. Also the 5 sins of relationship really helped bring to light the things I’m doing that are contributing to current issues with my partner.

    I think it will be really beneficial for me to look at what I’m still getting out of past hurtful experiences… I think about past hurts a lot and let similar present instances control my feelings and let them take me back to a time of pain. Then I blame my actions on those past heart breaks.
    I feel like to become more empowered (as corny as this sounds) I may have to practice thinking or even saying outloud that ‘I am loved, I deserve to be cherished and treasured’.

    I’m really looking forward to the action step of writing down the relationships I’m empowered by and writing down the relationhips I’m disempowerd by. Deciding how to change myself in relation with those 3 specific disempowering relationships will be a challenge. I think the accountability part will help.

    I’m noticing I do want to be “rescued” by my victimness- when a relationhip doesn’t heal me I blame the relationhip, I blame that other person. I have to heal me, I have to empower myself but am still learning how to do that.

    I do feel called to transform myself this coming year through relationships. In fact I’m reading a book right now called ‘Transformation Through Intamacy, The Journey Toward Awakend Monogamy’. Only on Ch. 3 so still a lot to get out of it, but I’m looking to not feel trapped, to feel true to myself, and to feel empowered- all while being in a close, commited relationship. I think I am going to tune in on Jan.11th. I feel ready and open and willing to do some hard shit within myself. I want to move into the warrior seat and eventually help others looking to do the same.

    • Jayson

      Rosie, It’s very inspiring to hear you insights and what you report you will be doing to change your situation and get empowered. Thank you for being open to this level of information and look out, transformation is coming your way!


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