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If You Are Bored In Your Relationship – Ellen & Jayson – SC 83

by | December 21, 2016
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Is your relationship boring or are you boring? Or, better yet, are you just stuck and unsure of how to deepen your relationship? Boredom is a sign that you are missing something, big. Human beings are not boring. Yes, they may have stunted their development, but behind that wall is a massive ocean to explore. Listen up and find out how to get beyond boring.


  • The piece of chocolate that sparked this podcast episode. [9:00]
  • The common phrases we here about monogamy? [10:45]
  • What causes the initial boredom after we get married? [12:00]
  • The traps you might fall into when feeling bored in your relationship. [17:00]
  • The 5 steps to take as soon as you notice you’re feeling bored in your relationship. [19:00]
  • The power of the uncomfortable conversation. [21:00]
  • Your action step. [31:30]




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