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Embracing & Evolving Women’s Sexuality

By Jayson
April 28, 2020

Making love is a pretty straightforward act, but man do we love to make it complicated.

How society views sex has always been messy and made wose — hold your gasp of surprise here — for women. 

It’s about time we ditch this double standard, right?

Join me as I chat with relationship expert and Relationship School Ambassador Dr. Alexandra Solomon about sexuality, relational self awareness and all the complexities of sex (and boy there are a lot of them).

We discuss how the resurgence of the #MeToo movement in 2017 was the final push she needed to write her new book Taking Sexy Back: How to Own Your Sexuality and Create the Relationships You Want.

Dr. Solomon, also the author of Loving Bravely: Twenty Lessons of Self-Discovery to Help You Get the Love You Want, wanted to add her voice and contribute to this new chapter in conversations around gender, power and sex.

Come listen as we talk more about the inspiration behind her writing and what women can do to discover their own unique erotic expression. 




  • 3:10 Introduction Dr. Alexandra Solomon
  • 10:40 About relational self-awareness
  • 14:00 Lessons learned while writing her book
  • 17:30 Guidance for young people about their sexuality
  • 21:05 Women getting in touch with their own sexuality
  • 23:15 At what point should parents have conversations about sexuality with their daughters
  • 28:00 Differences on how society perceives female masturbation
  • 31:50 What can men do to help women explore their sexuality
  • 35:20 How men’s sexual performance is used to define manliness
  • 37:40 Your feelings are data and you can learn from them
  • 39:20 Advice for married couples on how to keep their sex life alive
  • 43:15 The spiritual side of sex
  • 47:20 Action Step


  1. Katriina

    Must say, that north american culture sounds insensitive since there are phrases such as “first base” and “second base”.
    Loved this podcast with Dr. Solomon! Many great ideas even though I live in a culture which accepts nudity.


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