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AMA: Emotional Intelligence, Being a Role Model in Your Family, & Over/Under Parenting – Jayson and Ellen – 404

By Jayson
July 18, 2022


Join Ellen and I for a special Ask-Me-Anything’ episode where we tackle some listener questions: What Do I try talking to my husband about something that bothers me and his first and continual reaction is anger and defensiveness? What are your thoughts on dating someone with addictions? Is it reason enough to leave, should people be given grace, Is it a big enough issue to stay away entirely?  Is there a situation where refusing to get an STD test isn’t a red flag?

When kids grow up watching their parents angrily go to their rooms/leave the house which implicitly teaches them that emotions are overwhelming and/or scary. This understanding can easily translate into our kids dissociating from their emotions (retreating into screen addiction,  or other behavioral issues, and later, as adults, into emotional eating, substance abuse, porn addiction, etc.). It starts with you as a parent taking the lead and role modeling for them how to feel/process their emotions, and speak to their experience, without under/over parenting.

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