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Laser Coaching On Infidelity, Trust, & Blended Families – SC 65

By Jayson
August 17, 2016

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Chris and Billy Jo are two podcast listeners who won a chance to be interviewed and laser coached by me on the podcast. As you listen, pay close attention to their dynamic, their openness to feedback and most importantly a commitment to growing individually and as a couple. If you got value from this episode format, please share your feedback in The Smart Couple Facebook Group and I’ll do more!



  • How did Chris & Billiejo meet and how long have they been together? [8:00]
  • When did they know it was the right time to tell the kids about their relationship? [11:15]
  • Their advice for couples on how to introduce your kids to your new dating partner? [13:30]
  • How has The Smart Couple Podcast helped Chris & Billiejo in their relationship? [15:30]
  • The big lesson that Billiejo learned from a big fight with Chris [19:00]
  • Jayson gives his laser coaching on how to move beyond their repeating patterns. [20:15]
  • The best reframe to heal from blame and resentment with an ex. [24:00]
  • What to do to move beyond infidelity. [28:30]
  • Jayson gives an action step to heal and process blame. [34:00]

Congratulations to our contest winners from Episode 64!

  • Lauren L. – 1 Ticket Live Relationship School Weekend
  • Denise F. & John F. – Indestructible Partnerships
  • Brandy – One 45 minute coaching session with Jayson





  1. Mikala

    I listen on Spotify but wanted to leave a review! I have gotten so much value out of this podcast. I’m 24 and seeking out a long term, committed, growth-oriented relationship. Listening to this podcast has helped me dig deep about my needs, expectations, priorities, and patterns. I feel it’s helped me continue to understand myself and others better. I’m really grateful to be learning these things now, while I’m young, and to have a positive model for relationships.


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