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Masculine And Feminine Energy In Relationships – 257

By Jayson
October 11, 2019

Recently I interviewed my friend Joanna Shakti on masculine/feminine energy.
Some people get pretty triggered with these terms, but I think they are quite useful, so long as we tease them apart from gender.
Regardless, there’s a lot of great stuff in this interview about polarity, sexual chemistry, and how one woman turned her “energy” around and found a different level of love.
Plus, there are 4 questions you can ask to see where you fall on the masculine/feminine spectrum. Listen now…

Here are a few of the highlights:


  • (4:30) Introduction Joanna Shakti
  • (13:30) What is masculine and feminine energy
  • (17:05) How unbalanced masculine and feminine energy can cause frustration
  • (22:50) Practical steps to start working on this part of you
  • (28:10) How your energy can attract people on the opposite side of the spectrum
  • (35:00) Sex in long term relationships
  • (41:35) Scheduled sex
  • (43:20) Opening a marriage and having sex with other people
  • (44:30) Short advice for women who struggle with having orgasms
  • (47:33) Advice for people who have same energy (Masculine – Feminine)
  • (51:40) Final advice
  • (54:10) Joanna Shakti’s Website
  • (55:35) Action Step



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