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Relationship As A Personal Development Path – Jayson Gaddis – 454

July 4, 2023



Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled in your relationships or like something is missing from your life? Have you achieved success and acquired material possessions, yet still long for a deeper sense of happiness and purpose? It’s time to shift your perspective and embrace a new way of approaching relationships.

This episode explores Jayson’s journey of self-discovery after embracing Buddhism’s core teachings. He realized that relationships are about more than just happiness or meeting needs. Instead, they offer a path to wholeness and freedom. It is your relationships that can serve as catalysts for your personal growth and ultimate liberation.

Now it’s your turn to learn how to become a more authentic version of yourself by joining the transformational adventure. Imagine seeing your relationships as pathways to self-discovery and fulfillment, where every interaction is an opportunity for personal growth. Whether you are single, married, or have children, this episode will help you unlock the hidden potential within your most profound relationships. In addition to giving you an understanding of how life works, it will also teach you how to navigate its challenges gracefully and resiliently.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace your Relationships As A Personal Development Path?

Consider joining Jayson on his upcoming 2-day retreat and unlocking the transformative power of your most important connections. Your hero’s journey awaits.

To learn more and deepen your understanding of Relationship As A Personal Development Path visit relationshipschool.com/path and stay tuned for more information at the end of our episode.


  • 3:45 – Do you like who you are?
  • 5:08 – Using high stakes relationships as a tool for personal development
  • 8:28 – Religion and other spiritual frameworks
  • 16:52 – Relationship as a spiritual path
  • 21:03 – Action step



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