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4 Premarital Conversations You Must Have – Jay Cadet – SC 10

By Jayson
August 17, 2015

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This episode is key for millennials who are about to get married. Too many people skip this conversation prior to marriage.

IN THIS EPISODE, You will learn:

  • How to tell the difference between honesty and reckless honesty.jay cadet
  • The three criteria of honest communication
  • How to offer honesty without being critical.
  • One question to ask before saying anything ‘honest’ 
  • How honest communication without shaming can move your relationship forward
  • Learning to receive feedback well
  • The 4 conversations every unmarried couple needs to have (16:45)
  • How to create space for honest feedback
  • Dealing with arguments and conflict in an effective way
  • Knowing when and when not to seek professional help
  • How to have the ‘money’ conversation, especially for young people
  • Keeping things fresh and alive for the long-term
  • The importance of being friends with other couples

About Jay
Jay is a relationship coach on a mission to help unmarried, millennial couples learn how to better communicate and compromise, so they can feel not just ready, but prepared in their commitment to each another. When he’s not coaching his clients, he’s curating and hosting cool date night events for couples. He’s also the host of the popular A New Approach To Us: Couples Workshops and Couples Game Nights in New York City.

You can find Jay below and be sure to grab a copy of his ebook “4 Conversations Every Unmarried Couple Needs To Have [If You’re Serious About Your Relationship]”


Oh, and follow this dude on Instagram!





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