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Alignment is the New Sexy – SC 11

by | August 25, 2015
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People don’t trust you when you are misaligned. You say you’re “fine” but really you feel angry. Or you say “I love you” but your body language is saying something different. This causes people to pull back from you.

The more congruent someone is the more trustworthy they are.

We get really pissed when our partner is out of alignment. In fact, we even resent them over time. But that is often a reflection of our own misalignment.

In This episode you will learn:

  • Dealing with the ‘I’m Fine’ moment – Unlearning incongruency [1:33]
  • Alignment in your marriage and work [6:00]
  • Being ‘on the path’ to alignment [9:10]
  • Tool: Sharing the Impact of non-alignment [10:07]

ACTION STEP: If you have a close friend or your spouse who is misaligned, take a risk and share impact. I cover “how” in this episode. Wouldn’t you want someone to let you know if you were bullshitting yourself?



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