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How To Find A Great Marriage Counselor & Other Edgy Relationship Questions – SC 28

By Jayson
December 16, 2015

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In this 2nd installment of AMAR (Ask Me Anything about Relationships) I dive into your burning questions and it gets a little intense in there! Thanks for bringing it everyone!


There’s a lot of great questions in here including:

  • How to relate to someone who’s depressed [5:30]
  • How to find a great marriage counselor [17:45]
  • How to get over years of resentments [26:35]
  • What to do if someone is passive aggressive with you [34:25]

And more!

[bctt tweet=”We don’t tend to attract a new type of person until we have shifted internally somehow.”]

Marriage success, over time, isn’t about Band-Aids. It’s about building a foundation from the ground up that’s badass and indestructible.


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  1. Jayson

    Yeah, it’s tricky terrain, but I love your push back. It’s true, some single folks rock at coaching on relationship just like some parent coaches who have never had kids are outstanding. And, I still would not go see you if I wanted help with my marriage of 9 years unless you’ve been married at least 9 years. You can only help me to the place you’ve gone in yourself. That’s my rule of thumb. That’s why I don’t coach much outside of my own experience with self and others.

  2. Sharon

    Jayson, Can I ask you a favor re anonymity? Would it be possible to edit my comment from 2016 to take off my last name that way I can a avoid potential clients not finding it? Thank you!

    • Jayson



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