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Staying In A Dead Marriage For The Kids – SC 27

by | December 9, 2015
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This is a pretty charged issue. On the one hand, some people really believe divorce is one of the major culprits to kid’s problems. On the other hand, newer research suggests that kids are fine coming from divorced families, and in fact may even be more resilient and capable of handling life’s challenges. If you really think divorce is going to mess up your kids, think again…Listen in, then weigh in with a comment below.


  • The erroneous assumption that comes along with divorce statistics [3:00]

Do you want to show your children how to be a human being, navigating the ups and downs of life? Do you want to be transparent about that journey? Or do you want to hide out and pretend like you know what you’re doing and teach that to your kids?  

  • What is the real issue here? [8:10]
  • The problem with divorce/marriage research [11:45]

[bctt tweet=”Kids who struggle relationally come from families who struggle relationally.”]

  • What I suggest you do if you are in a dead marriage [15:15]
  • Relationship tools to use if you want to avoid divorce [17:20]


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