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10 Ways To Go From An Ordinary To An Extraordinary Relationship – With Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell – SC 32

by | January 20, 2016
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In this lively episode, Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell lay bare the inner-workings of their extraordinary relationship. And it truly is extraordinary! Bryan and Jennifer share how they came together and worked to build their relationship from the ground up. We get into specifics and details that I think you will find extremely helpful and enlightening here. Bryan and Jennifer also tease us with a few of their “extraordinary-relationship principles”, the rock-solid foundations of their partnership. If you resonate with the idea of relationship designed to optimize the evolution of each individual, then you will love this episode. Make sure to leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!


  • Bryan shares a vulnerable realization from his first marriage [4:30]
  • Jennifer shares her own early relationship struggles [8:00]
  • A powerful wedding vow [10:30]
  • Guys: don’t view your partners as “roadies” [12:15]

My identity is the thing that’s fluid in this relationship, but what’s fixed is what I committed to. – Jennifer

  • How does Jennifer define intimacy? [15:30]
  • A founding principle of an “extraordinary relationship” [20:30]
  • Another extraordinary-relationship principle in action [24:00]
  • What Brian and Jennifer do to better their future selves in relationship [31:00]
  • The process Bryan and Jennifer use when they are triggered in conflict [33:45]

I consider it my job as a woman to both see him as presently perfect and to surrender to the future version of myself that he sees…And he does the same. – Jennifer

  • The 3rd extraordinary-relationship principle – being called into your greatness [37:00]
  • Re-framing your partner’s complaints – “All of your fights are the source of your own _______” [44:00]
  • One last extraordinary-relationship principle – (it’s a good one) [47:00]

[bctt tweet=”I know that what has her upset is that she’s comparing how I’m being to who she knows I can be.“]


Carol Dweck and the Growth Mindset 

Bryan’s Website

Jennifer’s Website

Bryan & Jennifer’s 10 Extraordinary Relationship Principles


Together in life and in love Bryan and Jennifer, they work with couples to develop a deeper context for their relationship designed to lead both towards their own evolution. They are a stand for relationships that have a “both/and” rather than a “either/or” relationship to Freedom and Devotion. When they first came together they didn’t know how to do relationship right after after having each experienced the more typical patterns most of us call relating. Given their dedication to growth and desire to become extraordinary lovers, they decided deliberately to build what they call an evolutionary partnership, brick-by-brick developing powerful models and distinctions along the way.

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