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What To Do When Your Partner Triggers You – SC 34

by | February 3, 2016
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If you are in a long-term relationship, you’re going get triggered, period. And how you show up in those moments will define whether you grow together or grow apart. In this episode, we dive into an effective process for navigating upset when you’re triggered and how to rock it so you honor yourself and your partner.



  • What does it mean to be triggered? [1:50]
  • Are you normal if you get triggered by your partner? [3:40]
  • Better questions to ask when you’re triggered. [6:15]
  • What to do when you’re triggered [6:55]
  • The 4 step process for getting centered after a trigger [10:10]
  • The best way to share with your partner after you’ve calmed down [16:40]
  • Why you shouldn’t focus on getting them to change their behavior. [19:44]
  • Review [21:07]

[bctt tweet=”When you’re triggered by your partner, don’t distract yourself, sit in the fire of your experience. And see where it takes you.”]





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