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The Collaborative Way – Lloyd Fickett – 297

By Jayson
June 30, 2020



I first met Lloyd Fickett through a mutual friend and have been intrigued by “The Collaborative Way” ever since.

For more than 2 decades, Lloyd Fickett & Associates has been using this intentional and designed way of working and relating together to get to something extraordinary to give companies a competitive edge and become more effective collaborators.

In episode 297 of the podcast I catch up with Fickett and discuss the origin of The Collaborative Way, the 5 core practices behind it, and how uninspired he was in his work until he finally forged his own path.

Fickett — who has written 2 books on the successful method that can be used in any type of relationship — gives me some great tips for my own team and also talks the key lessons he learned in his marriage before the recent loss of his wife.

This one is moving, inspiring and so much more.


3:55 Introduction of Lloyd Fickett
5:55 What is The Collaborative Way?
16:00 Problems that can be solved with The Collaborative Way
24:25 How team leaders can improve their leadership skills
30:00 Steps we can take to make our relationships stronger
41:20 Lloyd’s experiences with grief and growth after his wife’s passing
49:30 Action step

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