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The Mystery And Power Of Self Directed Social Emotional Change – Dr. Rick Hanson, Ph.D. – 298

By Jayson
July 8, 2020



Psychologist and author Dr. Rick Hanson is a previous guest of the podcast and our conversation back in episode 67 about rewiring your brain in relationships really struck a chord with me. We pick right back up on our awesome discussion in episode 298 and talk about why learning is so great for the brain and how being self-aware and asking to get your needs met are key things you should do in every relationship.

We also chat about his new book and our never-ending quest to live richer, fuller lives.

I could talk to Rick for hours — it’s truly fascinating stuff. Check it out!

3:30 What is happiness and why do we seek it?
6:40 How to overcome negativity without ignoring our traumas
10:25 The importance of self-awareness in our relationships
14:00 Why relationships matter so much
19:25 Recognizing good and bad intentions of others
27:40 What prevents people from growing?
32:40 What triggered change in Rick’s life
42:20 Why learning is essential for your brain’s health
48:15 Why it’s important to acknowledge and embrace your victories
54:30 Action step

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  1. Nepal

    Hi thank you for the podcast. It was interesting and I learned things and I’m having a better day.

    • meg@relationshipschool.com

      hi Nepal, that’s wonderful I’m glad to hear it. Thanks for listening =)


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