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The Pro-attachment Satisfaction Cycle – 259

By Jayson
October 30, 2019

Years ago, I watched a woman re-pattern a baby’s movements after a tough Caesarean birth. It was so powerful. It all happened in a few minutes. She was a baby whisperer.

Turns out this woman is quite the healer. From tantra facilitator to couples therapist, Annie Brook has some serious skills.

I’ve had sessions with her, and my son did a water session with her when he was six months old.

I think you’ll like this interview I recently did with her. We covered a ton of ground. Conflict, attachment, and the satisfaction cycle.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • (3:50) Introduction Annie Brook
  • (15:20) About attachment and the Mother-Children relationship
  • 23:50) The importance of movement in self-awareness practices
  • (27:50) About the satisfaction cycle on adult partnerships dynamics
  • (34:30 How attachment cycles of our childhood affect our present
  • (36:00) Spaces in couples during conflict or disagreements
  • (40:20) Recreating relationships over time
  • (42:45) About open marriage and polyamorous relationships
  • (50:25) About co-regulation
  • (1:02:30) Action Step

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