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How to Feel Seen By Others – 260

By Jayson
November 6, 2019

Feeling seen is one of the 4 core needs in a partnership. However, what does that mean and how do we do that?

What if we don’t feel safe? What if we don’t know how?

Listen to this. I think it will help.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • (2:05) What does “Being seen” mean
  • (3:20) Why a lot of people close up and hide parts of themselves
  • (4:50) Confronting our “Dark side” in long-term relationships
  • (7:30) Settling for feeling seen, but not being accepted

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  1. Helena O Carroll

    Thanks Jayson, great information, I only wish that there would be more guys with your perspective


      What can I say? I hear ya Helena… I hear ya. I personally feel hopeful that is beginning to change because of podcasts like this and female-identifying humans doing our part to own how we relate to men in general (I’m thinking of Brené Brown’s work here around treating our men like knights and not necessarily. being able to hold space for their emotionality because it can feel threatening to us unconsciously since they are “our providers”, again unconsciously). We have to keep talking about it, keep it discussable. Appreciate your sharing and listening to the podcast =) – Meg

  2. Nepal

    Hey, Jayson that was interesting, now I have more confidence in myself


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