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Tips For Helping Young Children Resolve Conflict – 311

By Jayson
October 8, 2020

  When you were young, did you know how to work through conflict? Were the adults involved at all or was it more of a “hands-off” situation? Whatever you went through as a kid, there’s another way.  My belief is that if we raise kids in a good way, and teach them how to work through their differences, we’ll have a brighter future. My family and I wanted to record this podcast to show you what’s possible when kids have conflict. This is an unscripted conversation with my kids. Check it out here


  • 3:20: Conflict between children
  • 8:30: Tips for resolving conflict
  • 16:00: When can adults intervene?
  • 21:30 Taking a break and spending time alone
  • 26:45: Using humor to resolve conflicts

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  1. Christine

    Great tips for any age group or type if relationship!

  2. Nadia Coen

    your children are remarkable beings – wonderful reflection happening here

    • meg@relationshipschool.com

      Hi Nadia, I’m sure Jayson and Ellen would agree with you. They just published a Family Check In for their 400th episode celebration and I felt the exact same way you do about them. Thanks for listening -Meg

  3. Kenneth Telesco

    This is so helpful on so many levels ~ Thank You Family Gaddis~


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