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When One Of You Values The Relationship More Than The Other – SC 153

By Jayson
August 28, 2017

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I understand that men generally will put career and providing at the top of their priority list, while relationships might hover near the bottom. Relationship is a top priority for me, so how do I get to the place where i’m ok with not being at the top of the list for my guy?
How do I not take it personally? Do I need to be looking for someone who’ll put our relationship at the top of their list and make me a priority – or is that a childhood fantasy?
 – Vanessa from Santa Monica


  • Vanessa’s question [1:00]
  • Understanding what it takes for a fulfilling relationship  [2:00]
  • When two people in a relationship have different values [3:00]
  • How you can express your hurt to your partner without getting ‘blamey’ [4:00]
  • Should you learn to be okay with not being a priority to your partner? [5:00]



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