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When You Refuse To Accept Your Husband’s Parenting Style – SC 131

By Jayson
June 12, 2017

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My husband’s parents have told me in the past (to them it’s funny) about how harsh they were with him as a baby and as a young child. This might explain why when our newborn has meltdowns he sometimes gets frustrated to the point of telling her to ‘shut up’ and at times handling her a little rougher than I feel comfortable with. I understand where my husband is coming from, given his past, but I refuse to allow my daughter to grow up with that kind of treatment or to allow her to be his experiment as he learns how to manage his hurt and frustration.

 How can I approach my husband with concerns about how he treats our child?
– Christina in South Florida


  • When your partner crosses the ‘safety’ line with your child [1:00]
  • The tricky game of setting boundaries in parenting [3:00]
  • If your partner is unwilling to change their parenting style [5:00]
  • What to do when you’ve reached your emotional limit with persistent tantrums [6:00]




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