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How Circling Can Deepen Your Relationships – Decker Cunov – SC 38

by | March 2, 2016
2 min read

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In this podcast, I interview Decker Cunov, a leader who has deeply impacted how I show up personally and professionally. For over 10 years, he’s been one of the pioneers in a fast-growing transformational practice known as “Circling.” As usual Decker packs a punch in his own funky style. Pay special attention to our dynamic near the end.

decker cunov


  • Why does Decker care about relationships so much? [4:17]
  • What was it like growing up as a sensitive kid. [7:15]
  • What IS “circling”? [11:36]
  • How circling is and isn’t like meditation. [15:05]
  • Why does circling matter in relationships. [15:58]
  • A quick way to play “intersubjective tennis” with your partner. [31:34]
  • Decker breaks down the steps of circling. [23:35]
  • What’s it like to “feel another person” in circling. [29:32]
  • Some of the traps of circling. [33:15]
  • Decker starts circling Jayson [43:36]
  • Jayson’s big aha from circling [50:10]
  • What Decker’s son said that blew him away [52:33]
  • The one thing that Decker said that personally impacted Jayson [57:01]



Sentence Stem To Practice With Your Partner
Partner A: “What I notice as I’m with you is…”

Partner B: “Hearing that, I’m noticing…”
(Repeat and alternate)

[bctt tweet=”Circling practice is not a replacement for meditation, but for a lot of people, it’s a great start. – Decker Cunov”]


Decker Cunov is President at Integral Center in Boulder, CO, a company committed to inspiring people towards more fulfilling relationships. He’s spent the last decade working successfully with everyone from soldiers to teenagers, from the clinically dysfunctional to doctors & lawyers, from a mechanic in Wisconsin to top level executives in Silicon Valley, helping them reach unprecedented levels of success in relationship in organic and profound ways. More info: The Integral Center



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