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My Human Design Session – Erin Claire Jones – 342

How to Boost Your Self-Awareness with Human Design Let me ask you a question. Do you really know who you are? Being self-aware is super important because it allows you to unfold your full potential, make the right decisions, and master life with ease. This week, Erin...

How Do I Know if I Have Resentment?

Resentments, if not dealt with, can cause numerous problems in a relationship. But it’s easy to talk about resentments, yet not always so easy to identify them. What exactly does it look and feel like to have resentment? 

What’s the Most Important Need in a Relationship?

Thinking about your needs in a relationship, what would you rank as number one? It’s probably hard to pick just one because there are several needs in relationships and partnerships that most people would consider very important for success. But there is a HUGE one—the biggest, perhaps—that is the most important need in a relationship.