Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
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The Relationship School

Courses Overview

Relationship Coach Training

This training is for the helpers out there. If you are a natural born helper and want to sharpen your helping skills and become a certified relationship coach, this training is for you. Not only will you graduate this program as a certified level 1 relationship coach, but you will also get the added value of completing the entire Relationship Mastery course. Click here for more information.

Relationship Mastery

Relationship Mastery, formerly known as Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationships (DPIR) is the signature self-development/interpersonal relationship course at The Relationship School®. It’s the self paced class (that usually takes about nine months to complete) you never got in school that would have saved you a lot of headache and heartache. This course encompasses everything you need to know about human behavior in the context of a loving relationship. Click here for more information.

Accepted & Connected

This two and a half day virtual intensive (held twice per year) teaches you how to work through interpersonal conflict effectively and efficiently. Be the most resourced person during any upset or conflict by learning the basics of how to communicate during conflict and stress. If I had to choose only one skill, out of the countless I know, to help couples make it long term, how to fight well is the one I’d choose. Click here for more information.

Relationship Upgrade

This class is designed to help you get a significant upgrade from where you are now to where you want to be (that could be from bad to good or good to great). You want a relationship where you get what you want without feeling like you have to compromise who you are. This course delivers the foundation, framework, and tools to help you get there.  Plus, you will get to the bottom of your seek-avoid communication breakdowns and finally understand why you feel so stuck, frustrated or alone. This is an excellent class for any couple looking for a serious upgrade to their partnership. Click here for more information.

Relationship Repair

Conflict Repair: the single most influential factor that will determine your ability to have a strong, secure partnership over time. Many people think that secure attachment, or secure relationships, are built through finding the right person that doesn’t trigger you. This erroneous belief keeps people stuck in fantasies about relationships that go nowhere and lead to heartbreak. The truth is, security is built through constant mis-reads, disconnections, mismatches, and followed up with repair and reconnection, aka the “conflict-repair cycle”. Secure relationships are built by repairing and reconnecting after two people disagree, distance, fight, argue, or mis-read each other. So, my question is this: do you know how to do this 100% of the time with the most important relationship in your life? Click here for more information.

Relationship Rescue

Are you contemplating breaking up with your partner filing for divorce? Do you feel alone, hurt, angry, abandoned, rejected, stuck, depressed, or distant? Saving a relationship requires a lot more than just “loving” someone. You’ve tried that. This step-by-step formula that will help you get the connection back immediately. The formula is simple to implement, it works, even if you have no gas in your tank (energy) or time in your day. This course will help you clarify if your relationship is even salvageable, help you feel empowered to choose to stay or leave, diagnose how bad the problem is and if there’s any hope left for you, and fix the mess step by step over the next week. Click here for more information.





End the Struggle with Him

If you are a woman with a man who is shut down, emotionally unavailable, or pulling away, this power-packed 30-day course will not only change your dynamic with him, it will change your life. Included is a bonus call with my wife where she talks about exactly what she did to get me to put two feet completely into our marriage when I was pulling away, half out the door. Within a month, I asked her to marry me and I’ve never looked back. By far, this is my most popular course. ESH provides you with a road map, tools, and community to never repeat attracting an unavailable man into your life again. Click here for more information.

Indestructible Partnerships

In my years as a psychotherapist and then relationship coach, I can tell you that couples who know how to do conflict make it, and couples who don’t fall apart. This course gives you the power tools you need to learn how to communicate so you both feel understood, and sets up the proper way to deal with conflict and other relationship challenges. There is no other way to do a relationship than “win-win” – anything else is losing. You can take this course regardless if you’re single or partnered, or together as a couple. Either way, this will finally set you up for successful relating in your current or next relationship. Click here for more information.

Relationships as a Path

Relationship as a Path is the advanced foundational course designed to help you get better at helping others and yourself through relationship challenges. It will open your mind to see the limitless possibilities of how relationships can be a path to our own awakening and wholeness. Click here for more information.

Relational & Sexual Warriorship For Men

In this 90-day course, you will learn how to turn your intimacy weaknesses into ball-busting superpowers. Seriously! There are eight audio/video modules in this power-packed course all designed to guide you back into your heart, balls and spine, so you can show up with your partner in a way she never dreamed of. Click here for more information.

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