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3 Myths Single People Believe

By Jayson
September 16, 2020



If you are single, I got some feedback from a lot of people on this. They helped me ensure that these are in fact, 3 of the biggest myths around being single.

Would love your input. Take a listen and leave a comment on social, or below in the blog/podcast post.




  • 4:45: Myth # 1
  • 6:30: Myth # 2
  • 8:25: Myth # 3
  • 12:20: Action step

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  1. Mandy

    Yep related to this, and that I’m growing and shifting old messages that aren’t who I am, and do not allow me to fully live… Thanks for the reminder of how far I’ve come and cleaned up! I am.

  2. Denise

    Thank You Jayson, I feel I got a lot out of this new episode for single people.
    One more affirmation to accept myself. I felt sincerity and empathy from you as you were discussing the 3 myths. Thank you


      hey Denise, so glad to hear this, reading your comment makes me feel inspired. Take care -meg

  3. Shannon

    Yes! Love the be yourself and accept yourself advice. It’s been a challenging journey for me, but the gains from my self growth efforts to find comfort with who I am and expressing myself are beyond worth it. The information and encouragement I get from TRS podcast has been consistently helpful. Always thoughtful, honest, open, and never gimmicky. Thank you!


      shanks for sharing Shannon and reflecting that back, it means a lot… and for listening to the podcast of course. -meg

  4. Nepal

    Thanks that’s good to know I’ll definitely use this information


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