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The 4 S’s of Attachment-Based Parenting – Dan Siegel -276

By Jayson
February 25, 2020

One of my mentors, Dan Siegel, is back on the podcast for his 3rd interview. 

This time, we dive deep into attachment-based parenting. Dan’s work, which my wife and I study intently, is how I parent my own children. The cool thing about Dan is what a nerd he is around research-based approaches and information. 

We cover the 4 S’s from his “Power of Showing Up” book. It’s so good. 

Check it out and please apply this to your own parenting (if you are one). 

Here are a few of the highlights:


  • 3:25: Introduction Dan Siegel
  • 4:40: How kids’ behavior is different in this day and age.
  • 7:30: New parenting challenges
  • 14:15: About secure attachment
  • 22:00: The 4 S’s
  • 24:25: Safety
  • 28:05: Seen
  • 30:00: Soothe
  • 31:10: Security
  • 33:10: Attachment and parenting roles
  • 38:10: Research about secure attachment in kids and adolescents
  • 42:50: It’s possible to provide secure attachment even in parents who didn’t have it
  • 45:40: Action step


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