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Dan Savage Vs Jayson Gaddis on Monogamy – SC 169

By Jayson
October 23, 2017

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Dan Savage is known for his criticism of monogamy. But what is he missing and why does he think it’s a disaster waiting to happen? Listen as Jayson takes a swing in Dan’s direction.

Dan Savage’s full speech can be found here:


  • Introducing Dan Savage 1:30
  • Dan Savage on why monogamy does not work 3:00
  • Is every monogamous relationship a disaster waiting to happen? 5:30
  • The potency of ‘leaning in’ 7:00
  • Monogamy as an expression of learning to love 9:00



  1. Denise

    Thanks for pushing back Jayson with Dan Savage. I like the way you explained it. I just think it’s slightly an escape from facing oneself wholeheartedly when there is more than one sexual life going on . Complicated and easier to bail on your partner and on yourself ..

    • meg@relationshipschool.com

      Thanks for sharing your experience Denise and listening in =)

  2. Andy

    Really appreciate the reframe Jayson around the fantasy of easy, blissful monogamy versus the reality of challenging/real world monogamy in an intimate partnership. And hell yes! I sign up for that challenge, embracing monogamy with my one sweetie along with the growth and stumbles and disconnection and harmony and fulfillment that implies.


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