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Dr John Demartini on Money & Relationships – 245

by | July 24, 2019
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For the 3rd time, we bring on polymath and human behavior master Dr. John Demartini. In this episode you’re going to be confronted and learn a TON! Dig in and let us know what you learned.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • (3:50) Introduction Dr John Demartini
  • (5:30) The biggest human problem according to Dr John Demartini
  • (7:40) Planning on money and relationships
  • (12:05) Investing money in yourself instead of investing somewhere else
  • (18:55) Saving 10% of your income
  • (20:40) Why opposites attract
  • (31:05) Physiological effect of negative self-talk
  • (33:50) Social media and auto immune disorders and
  • (37:35) Psychological ways to heal your gut
  • (39:25) Why we repeat painful patterns
  • (41:50) How the “Healer” type of people can get out of that perspective
  • (43:50) How waking up and evolving can set you apart from others
  • (51:20) Relationships where women assume the role of a mother and a maid
  • (1:04:10) About delegating tasks
  • (1:05:20) Final thoughts
  • (1:06:50) Action step




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