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How To Communicate Your Need For Space In A Relationship – Jayson Gaddis and Ellen Boeder – 318

By Jayson
November 24, 2020

Here’s a scenario: You and your partner had a fight or disagreement. You want to talk about it;  they don’t. 


How do you deal? 

In this podcast, my wife Ellen and I give you a few tips for you avoidant-types on how to deal with your partner who always wants a connection or wants to talk about it. And the more they press, the more you retreat. 

Here’s a critical question I ask space-takers to think about:   

Does withdrawing relieve my partner or not? In other words, is my space-taking helpful to my partner and good for our relationship? 

Listen in as we unpack this question. 


  • 0:50: Distancing in relationships

  • 6:25 Establishing a time limit on the time you take for yourself

  • 10:30 Action Step

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