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How To Raise A Boy To Be A Great Man – Michael Gurian – 317

By Jayson
November 17, 2020

Did you know when males have an emotive experience, two parts of the brain lights up? And when females have an emotive experience, nine parts of the brain light up? You’re probably thinking, why just two parts with men and nine parts with women? 

If you’re interested in brain differences that boys and girls experience from the time they start school throughout adulthood, you’ll want to check this out.

This week, New York Times best selling author of “The Wonder of Boys: What Parents, Mentors and Educators Can Do to Shape Boys into Exceptional Men” examines the inner life of boys; their physical, socio-emotional, and neurological development. 

Michael believes that to improve male sensitivity in America, parents should adopt bi-strategic and multi-strategic parenting styles and raise boys (and girls) with resiliency, purpose, and doing emotive development that fits their sensitivity.


  • 3:05 Introduction Michael Gurian

  • 5:20 Brain differences in education

  • 10:10 Why men struggle more with therapy than women

  • 21:50 How does empathy work inside the brain

  • 27:00 How to raise boys in this day and age

  • 34:15 What parents should keep in mind when rising girls

  • 41:35 Action Step

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