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Codepedency: Signs, Symptoms and What You Can Do to Make a Shift.

November 7, 2019
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In a society that prides ourselves on independence, codependency generally gets a bad rap. Understandable. It’s a VERY limited way of doing partnership over time.

Learn to recognize and move away from codependent situations to find a more empowering way to do relationships. In this podcast, I dive into defining the term “codependent”, identify signs you may be experiencing codependency in your life and share what you can shift in yourself to make a permanent change.

Codependent Relationships: Signs, Symptoms and How to Change It:

Watch the video here: 

The codependent dynamic defines relationships between two people where one fills the role of the “helper” and the other person the “victim”. Rather than mutual support, the “helper” gains satisfaction from supporting the “victim” and both people to stay stuck in behavior patterns that prevent growth.

Chances are if you found your way here, you are the type of person drawn to supporting a partner who is struggling but are ready for change. The first step is to identify which role you typically play in relationships. 

If you resonate with the following questions, you likely find yourself in the caretaker role, helping and fixing the people in your life:

          Does your relational history show a pattern of helping others?

          In relationships, do you find the need to control/fix/change/help the other person?

          Do you struggle with setting boundaries and your own self-worth?

          Do you wear a mask to hide your true feelings and seek external vs. internal approval?

Knowledge is power and if you identify with the above statements, this podcast can guide you towards healing yourself and breaking old habits.

Get honest with yourself. Acknowledge how this pattern has served you over the years and be willing to do the work to transform your bad habits.

Increase your self-worth and internal value; learn to appreciate yourself for all you have accomplished in life.

REMEMBER: You are worthy of love just as you are. You don’t need to fix anyone or help them in order to be loveable.

If you’re up for a challenge and willing to put in the work to learn to truly value yourself, check out our 9 month trainiing program, The Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationships. This course is deep people! So if you are tired of struggling to appreciate YOU and ready for some serious skills, extra accountability, and someone to hold your feet to the fire, take a peek.

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