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Powerful Sex Practices with Layla Martin – 446

May 9, 2023



In this episode, Jayson interviews Layla Martin, a vibrant and inspirational woman who teaches a tantric approach to sex, love, and relationship. Layla will remind you of your brilliance in the bedroom in this discussion about everything from hand jobs to female self-pleasure practices. This episode contains powerful sex practices for anyone ready to deepen their sex life.


  • What happened in Layla’s childhood that started her path to helping people improve their sex lives? [3:35]
  • Layla shares the biggest struggle and opportunity she sees in couples regarding sexuality. [9:05]
  • What do women and men each struggle with the most sexually? [10:40]
  • A simple exercise a woman can do to improve her sexual experience  [19:05]
  • A simple three-part exercise to do after sex that will deepen your sexual connection [26:45]
  • What to do when a woman has a stronger sex drive than her partner [33:15]
  • How to respond when a guy loses his erection [33:55]
  • Should a woman have sex even if she’s not wanting to? [34:30]
  • Layla explains one practice to transform a woman’s orgasms and sex life. [37:15]
  • Layla’s take on threesomes and polyamory [41:31]




Guest Bio:


Layla Martin is a next-generation sexuality and tantra expert. She has over 100,000 subscribers to her weekly guidance on all things sex, relationships, and love. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Refinery 29, Women’s Health Magazine, and Elite Daily. She makes sex and love mastery entertaining and hilarious. You can sign up for her free weekly videos/emails, or browse her books and other free resources at LaylaMartin.com.


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