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3 Ways To Inspire Love Over Time – Adam Gilad – SC 29

By Jayson
December 23, 2015

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This episode was a lot of fun.  Former dedicated David Deida student Adam Gilad brings some excellent advice during this dialogue. We cover fatherhood, dating, marriage, and why Adam couldn’t do relationship early on and what he “figured out” along the way. He also shares his most recent wedding vows and so much more. I think you’re in for a treat here. 


  • What lead Adam to teach about relationship? [3:55]

[In the world of online dating,] learn what women are saying..and what men are saying.

  • A personal share from Jayson: re-writing marriage vows [12:30]
  • The #1 thing that made Adam ready for deep relationship [13:40]
  • Adam shares his “one vow to rule them all” [15:55]
  • Reframe: the idea of marriage as “hard work” [18:10]
  • Playing the infinite game of love [25:10]
  • Why do people hold back on asking for what they need/want in relationship? [25:10]
  • The difference between finding and inspiring love [29:25]
  • The 3 ways to inspire love  [33:20]
  • Adam’s answer to inspired marriages [43:15]
  • Adam brings a vulnerable share [44:55]
  • Jayson and Adam swap stories of being a father [47:40]

[bctt tweet=”I don’t believe in finding love…I believe in inspiring love, inspiring a partner.”]

BONUS: Listen to Adam’s vulnerable share about a serious battle with shame in the jungle with ayahuasca here http://www.jaysongaddis.com/cocktalk/. You’ll need to sign up, and look out for an email.


The Happy Couple Academy

Stephen Curry

The Enneagram

Finite Infinite Games by James P. Carse

John Gottman – The Love Lab

10 Agreements




A prolific author, speaker, screenwriter, film producer, mentor and coach, Adam Gilad lives to spark his readers, clients and audiences into creating a robust, daring and fearless life of love, adventure and nurturance. An Emmy Nominated Executive Producer, Adam’s award-winning films have appeared on USANetworks, Lifetime and TNT. He has authored over 20 television shows and teaches dating, intimacy and deep eros. Adam has authored countless audio trainings and written several books, specializing in learning the “language” of the other gender, cultivating a dance of the sexes rather than a “battle,” the play of sexual polarity as well as a determined fearlessness in self-awareness, self-evolution, global responsibility, compassion and forgiveness.

For more on Adam, visit his site here.





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