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The Top 6 Things Women Want In A Male Partner – 233

by | May 6, 2019
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This podcast comes from a blog post I wrote for Elephant Journal where I polled over 200 women on my social media channels wit this question:

Hetero-women: What are you wanting from us men in the context of an intimate, monogamous partnership?_

Over 200 women responded. I got emotional reading them. So, guys, listen up and take notes.

Soon, we’ll cover what men are saying they want in a partnership.

Here are a few of the highlights:


  • (2:10) Top 6 things women want from men
  • (3:56) Willingness
  • (5:10) Emotionally availability
  • (7:22) Presence
  • (9:52) Honesty
  • (11:18) Safety
  • (12:20) Self-awareness
  • (14:47) Action Step 




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