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Want A Peaceful Relationship? Learn This – SC 46

By Jayson
April 13, 2016

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In this episode I give you 3 steps toward a more peaceful relationship. And, when I talk about peace in a relationship, it isn’t the BS fantasy most people think of. Check it out.


  • Why everyone is dumb in some area of our lives. [4:00]
  • How can we just “all get a long”?  [5:01]
  • Your two choices when uncomfortable stuff comes up? [10:24]
  • The number one reason people get a divorce [13:37]
  • Powerful 3-step process to resolve dumb fights [16:00]




1 Comment

  1. Grace

    How do you manage conflict when one person is spiritual and the other claims atheism? Is that a dealbreaker or a way to grow deeper in the relationship if there is an agreement around it?


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