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Why Feeling Insecure Is A Good Thing – SC 196

By Jayson
May 16, 2018

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A lot of us don’t want to admit we’re insecure… about anything. But, owning our insecurities can be sexy!

Tired of pretending you’re better at things than you really are? Let’s be real, no one is 100% confident in all areas of their lives AND THAT’S A GOOD THING. It means we’re challenging ourselves to grow. Hiding our shortcomings is super stressful and frankly, a sign of entitlement.

In this episode, Jayson unpacks the often misunderstood concepts of “insecurity” and “entitlement” so you can find out where your insecurities are hiding, own them, and celebrate them!


Here are a few of the highlights:


      • Why Insecurity Gets a Bad Rap [2:00]
      • Call B.S. on Your Insecure Friends! [5:00]
      • What Does it Mean to be ”Entitled” [6:00]
      • Your Action Step – It’ll Make You Look Sexy! [9:00]






  1. Marilyn Vachon

    My comment is toward my boyfriend who moved out
    He is perfect, never wrong, say’s he deserves me because his marriage was so bad
    Near the end of our relationship he told me I don’t deserve him

    Thanks for reinforcing that the break up of our relationship was not all my fault which he likes to believe

    Thanks Jayson for all that I have learned about owning my shit and learning how to have a loving relationship


      Hi Marilyn, very glad to hear your takeaway and hope that you’ve kept listening and learning with us. Take care =)

  2. Veronica

    Good prodcast on insecurity l m learning. It’s a growth process.

  3. Shannon

    I like the connection with entitlement. The opposite end of the spectrum. Smugness. It’s so much easier to be open, listening and learning. Thank you for this 10 minutes.


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings Shannon, and listening to the podcast =)


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