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The Cheapest (But Most Valuable) Gift You Can Give Someone This Holiday Season

December 19, 2017
2 min read

Tight on money?

No problem. Don’t make an excuse to not give this to someone…

If you are caught up in the stress of “everything you have to do” and feeling the added pressure to shop and buy presents for everyone, then listen up.

I get it. I don’t want to give a bunch of bullshit “presents” that people don’t really need.

Or maybe you are smart enough to know that it’s out of integrity to give material things, but you still feel a nagging “should” hanging over your head.

Try this instead…

What if you gave the people you care about in your life the most meaningful gift of all, something they could really use, and it didn’t cost a dime?

That’s right!

Give the gift everyone can use (and afford) this holiday season: appreciation and acknowledgment.

Think about it. What do you value most about your best friend, your husband or wife, your kids? Is there a way your family or co-workers contribute to your life? Remember people need to be loved and feel seen, acknowledged, and appreciated – for who they are. This is a core human need of ours.

And it’s within your reach to deliver this by simply and genuinely letting the people who matter to you know what they and your relationship with them provide – what they bring to your life.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I appreciate about this person?
  • How have they impacted my life?
  • Why do I want and value them in my life?

Set context by letting this person know that you’d like five minutes of their time.

Once they agree, sit down, look them right in the eyeball and tell them how much they mean to you. This may feel vulnerable, even a little risky or scary. That’s ok. Lead with that, share how you’re feeling. Something like “Hey, this is a little vulnerable for me to say directly to you…

Next go ahead and give them an appreciation:

  • What I appreciate about you is…
  • What I value about our relationship is…
  • What I love about you is…
  • Something about you that inspires me is… 
  • Having you in my life has done X and Y for me and…without you and your help I would be Z.

Try to cut through the superficial stuff and share the deeper stuff. Maybe add in something they did for you last year or 10 years ago and how it impacted you.

And see how they respond, how they receive your gift.

Offering an appreciation is a way to honor someone significant in your life. It’s nurturing to them, to you, and to your relationship. It’s a way to connect to your heart and share yourself with someone else by essentially saying, “Thank you for being you.”

So, if you’re considering gifting someone you love this holiday season, give appreciation, the priceless gift of your care and recognition. And watch what happens!

Not sure how to do this? Or are you too caught up in the relationship drama to appreciate anyone, including yourself? Then try investing some time in yourself and watch The Relationship School’s® free web series. Click here to register.


Photo credit: Lotte Meijer, Unsplash

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