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What To Do If Your Partner Says They Don’t Have Any Issues

January 4, 2018
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Are you wondering what to do if your partner says they don’t have any issues? Here’s the answer:



When you think about the person who says they don’t have issues, can you really imagine being with them? Can you envision a fulfilling relationship with them? No way! In fact, it’s an obvious sign that they haven’t looked in the mirror and can’t take personal responsibility, that they aren’t willing to deal with their issues, or themselves.

Every person on this planet has issues.

The “no issue” card is an ultimate recipe for relationship disaster. If your partner says they don’t have any issues or won’t acknowledge that they have stuff to deal with, imagine how this is going to impact your relationship, especially over time. How will they be prepared to address any issues that come up between you?

Simple… they won’t…

…and it will be impossible to grow together because they have nothing to learn.

Having issues shows you the way:

And if you’re the person looking for a partner who doesn’t have issues, good luck. It’s a fantasy! They don’t exist! Even if you believe it initially, inevitably things will surface. The skeletons come out of the closet and the shit will hit the fan. Resentment builds. Blame happens. Then what?

Knowing and identifying what your issues are is absolutely necessary for your own growth and development. In a relationship you want your partner to know about your issues so you can work on them. Taking responsibility and working on your issues is what creates a good relationship.

So get your issues out in the open. Having issues in relationship IS the path. When two people can acknowledge their issues and are willing to dive into dealing with them, they not only gain confidence in themselves, but also learn how to accept and embrace each other. They grow, learn, and heal – together.

Remember: You have issues. I have issues. We’ve all have issues! Issues get you to the next level – in yourself and in your relationship. Claim your issues. Own them and get on board with them. They are here to serve you in your journey to becoming yourself – and to earning the awesome relationship you dream of.


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Photo credit: Angela Wolz, Unsplash

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