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Become A Certified Couples Coach

Learn How to Skillfully Help Couples work Through Conflict and Establish A Secure & Strong Partnership

Want to know how to help couples navigate any challenge in their relationship?

You’ve come to the right place.

Hey friend,

I’ve been working with couples since 2004 when I was in graduate school studying psychology. I saw my very first couple during my internship at a local mental health center. My job was to help families in crisis. It was so intense, and I had no training yet in working with couples and how to help them. Time and time again clients would come in and I was in the weeds guessing at how to help.

But something happened that year that solidified my desire to understand how to help couples not only work through conflict, but create a relationship that could be a place of refuge and inspiration for them and their children.

Intuitively I knew that if I could help the couple, I could help the family. This was true in my own marriage: if my wife and I kept our connection strong, both us and our kids would thrive.

I would soon learn how every couple struggles with conflict in some form–either avoiding it, or not being able to get out of it. They complained of problems with communication, boundaries, finances, sex, or parenting. I spent years helping couples with all of this tricky stuff and I kept making mistakes and improving. Falling down, getting back up.

My core approach was to get the couple in the “here and now” to talk about what was happening between them. I taught them how to listen more effectively and fully, and how to not only look out for themselves, but their partner, and their relationship, too. I helped them solve their communicaion problems, money problems, sex problems, and parenting problems.

What all these couples needed help with, regardless of the content of their struggle, was how to handle themselves and each other well–even under stress–and how to cultivate deeper connection between them over time.

As I started teaching more and more workshops on relationships, I began to experiment with relationship groups and couple groups.

I thought I was doing awesome.

Then, something interesting happened…

… I started to collaborate with my wife.

In 2018 Ellen began helping me improve our couples coaching training. Like our marriage, she was coming in with a different, yet complimentary, approach. Ellen’s been a therapist since 2003, and is also a relationship coach and consultant. She has a breadth of knowledge around human development and behavior based on nearly two decades of studying cutting edge modalities, training under seasoned mentors, and her own practice with clients.

Applying her years of experience working with people on relationship issues through embodied approaches to healing, together we have developed what we believe to be one of the most effective approaches to coaching couples virtually. We call it Present Centered Couples Coaching™.

Working with couples is complex and requires a level of presence and skill that most people won’t ever learn.

This is a special training program and I hope you will experience it with us.


Watch our most recent webinar about the CCT course

Some of What You’ll Learn in This Training:

  • To give couples a new framework and foundation for their relationship that will provide them long-term success through any challenges they face.
  • How to help a couple understand what their biggest relationship blocks are and how to effectively address them for good
  • How to help a couple develop upgraded and more effective communication skills through increased interpersonal intelligence (better listening techniques, attuned communication skills, and emotional intelligence)
  • How to help a couple embrace, and work through, conflict as a path to relationship depth and fulfillment
  • How to help couples navigate the most difficult and stressful conversations (money, sex, lifestyle, parenting).
  • How to help a couple clarify the purpose of their relationship and what shared agreements will help them reach their goals.

We will provide you the training and skills to help you become the most effective, dynamic and resilient relationship and couples coach you can be.

What we expect of you

To participate in this advanced level certification you must be committed to developing your capacity to hold more complexity and develop a new skill set at the same time.

While this training will build off RCT (level 1 training) and other trainings you’ve done, you will be challenged beyond your current competencies and you might feel like a beginner again as you start to work with couples. However, you will indeed graduate with a whole new level of confidence in the coaching seat.
We want students in this program who are committed to learning the much more difficult skill of working with a couple.

Prerequisites to join

  1. Be a certified level 1 Relationship Coach at The Relationship School or
    Be a certified coach, therapist, counselor or social worker with a strong desire to work with couples virtually and become a couples coach (you will need to apply and be interviewed)
  2. Be competent at your current level of training
  3. Contribute to the Relationship School community in a positive way
  4. Uphold the Code of Ethics
  5. You are coachable and have a strong desire to grow as a person

Ready to Learn The Most Effective Approach To Support Couples?


9-month course curriculum, September 2021 – May 2022


10 monthly payments of $999
13 monthly payments of $799

$999/month for 10 months
$799/month for 13 months


How to lock in your spot:

And pay a non-refundable deposit of your first payment. This deposit serves as your first payment on your payment plan. Your payments will begin monthly after that. 

Program Start Date: September 1, 2021

CCT Schedule

Pre-Class Call 1: September 1st at 12:30pm MT – 2 hours
Pre-Class Call 2: September 2nd at 12:30pm MT – 2 hours
Classes led by Jayson & Ellen: Two Wednesdays per month at 10:30 am MT – 1.5 hours

29.5 hrs of class

16 practice sessions between classes
These are 1hr of practice between classes – this is a 3-way call with your coaching peers. 15 mins each to practice coaching a role play couple.

Graduation: Graduation will happen virtually on May 10, 2022. You will receive a Level 1 Couples Coaching Certificate.

BONUS **If you are an RCT alumni, you are welcome to attend the RCT graduation event at no charge–May 18-21, 2022. Know that there won’t be any couples coaching happening during that event, but it’s a chance to improve your individual coaching chops.

Semester 1

Virtual Classes 2021

September 15th
September 29th
October 13th
October 27th
November 10th
December 1st
December 15th
10.5 hrs

Semester 2

Virtual Classes 2022

January 5th
January 19th
February 2nd
February 16th
March 2nd
March 16th
March 30th
April 13th
April 27th
May 11th
15 hrs

Ready to Learn The Most Effective Approach To Support Couples?

Coaching Clients

  • During the program, you will need to work with at least 1 couple for a minimum of 5 sessions. TRS will provide you with that couple. If you want to work with more or lose a client, we’ll help find another couple.


  • Attend all classes
  • Attend a 1-day virtual event in April

Bonus points and extra training

  • Attend an Accepted & Connected event at no charge to help coach couples and receive 5 CCEs.

Ready to learn how to help couples and get paid well for doing what you love?

Hurry and get your application in now!