Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
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An Overview of the Disorders of the Self

Coach Training with Carolyn Bankston

2 hrs – prerecorded

Investment: $97

1.5 CCEs

Training Overview:

If you are curious to learn about the junction between attachment science, the ways our nervous system interacts with others, the impact of trauma as manifested in a severe pathology, and the ways in which you emotionally respond to your clients, this training is for you. 

Learn how to recognize where on the spectrum of the personality disorder your client falls (normal, neurotic, high/medium/low functioning) by identifying which defenses are at play (ie. splitting, avoidance, denial…), and which capacities of the Self are impaired (ie. capacity of self-entitlement, self-activation, capacity to self-soothe, continuity of self). 


Carolyn will give a thumbnail sketch of: 

      • Borderline Disorder
      • Narcissistic Disorder
      • Schizoid Disorder
      • The vicissitudes of coach entanglement (countertransference)

Included: a step-by-step integration roadmap to support your next action steps.

A deepened self-awareness often develops when you study pathological personality disorders as you identify with elements of the personality structure, which enhances your capacity to reflect on the coaches entanglement (countertransference) that inevitably gets stirred when you sit across from a client. This awareness and familiarity makes your coaching more effective and the work feels even more valuable to your clients as their own insight and awareness grows, impacting their day-to-day experience and relational capacity.


Refund Policy
We have confidence that you will find value in this training. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, please contact [email protected] and we will refund 100% of your money

Coach Training Instructor

Jayson Gaddis

Carolyn Bankston, LCSW, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. If we give to ourselves, we can give to the world. Self-discovery is the most important quest in life. The process of understanding myself led to my love and passion for helping others. This set me on the path to become a therapist. It is my belief that the achievement of self-awareness has a trickle-down, exponential effect on society. I graduated with my Master’s in Clinical Social Work in 1999 and was fortunate to work from a very solid theoretical base from that point on. I studied at the International Masterson Institute, eventually attending a three-year post-graduate program. Upon completion in 2010, I began lecturing and speaking worldwide for the institute. It has been a privilege to share with fellow therapists the knowledge passed on to me by some of the best minds in the psychotherapy community. 

I have worked with many clinical populations, including teens in the juvenile justice system and victims of domestic violence. The people I currently work with function at a higher level but they struggle to maintain intimate relationships, general stability in life, and to find fulfillment. On the surface, these individuals seem to be living a normal life. However, on closer examination, their gratification is sought in a way that leads to anxiety, depression and emptiness. I have been asked, “What is the common element in living a fulfilled life?” My answer: “Living authentically and feeling whole in oneself.” My approach to therapy has allowed me to help people shed what Dr. Masterson, the founder of the institute, referred to as a False Self. That way they become free to live authentic, contented lives. 

People in my practice have said many times that they wish everyone would embark on this life-changing journey in psychotherapy. A couple of years ago, I began to feel a real need to get this message out to the general public. It takes hard work to become the person you really are. Change is uncomfortable. We humans generally do not like being out of our comfort zone, especially when leaving it involves peeling back years of layers of self-protection. Nevertheless, it is the most important work one will ever do. Now everything flows from a solid emotional foundation: freedom, openness, intimacy, spontaneity, and creativity. It is my goal as a therapist to help others develop the unique abilities that reside in each of us.  

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