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Feel Accepted & Connected

November 12-14, 2020

Virtual Event

In November, I’m hosting a 2.5-day virtual intensive workshop called Accepted & Connected. I’ll be teaching the tools I’ve created to help you resolve any conflict and use it to go deeper.

This is the perfect event if you’re married, in a committed relationship, or even if you’re single. As you know, conflict isn’t just saved for the bedroom; we experience conflict at work, with family, and even with our best friends.

Look around, conflict is everywhere. You can run, but you can’t hide. Or, you kinda can, but when you hide, you are hiding from your own magnificence and innate potential around love.

If you want to stop being a victim of conflict and evolve into someone who can confidently stand in the face of conflict, championing win-win outcomes, then you need to come to the workshop.