Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
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Sharpen Your Coaching Skills Even More & Become A Lead Trainer

Are You A Natural Born Helper?

The RC3- Professional Training Program Objective:

RC3 is designed to empower your leader, teacher, and trainer. It is about relationship mastery. This final level cultivates and evolves you into the highest level of coach, teacher and trainer so as to advance your career of excellence in human relationships. Upon completion of  this mastery level program, you will be recognized as a stand-out leader in the global relationship community and in your own professional circles. This mastery level will empower you with the real-time practice, hands on experience, and confidence to be more effective with clients, students, personal and professional relationships, and most importantly it will enable you to be an effective trainer of relationship coaches.

Program Highlights:

RC3 targets 4 main areas of growth and development that will be our building blocks:

  1. Inner Work – Empowering your personal development to expand your capacity
  2. RC3 Coach- Developing your coach – 180, parts work, couples, small groups
  3. RC3 Teacher – Developing your teacher – Advanced objectives & principles
  4. RC3 Coach Trainer- How to train coaches to become coaches

Our goal is to empower you (BB1) to evolve your professional coaching skills (BB2) on your own, with the highest level of support and challenge from The Relationship School®. However, the core of this expert training level it to empower your leadership skills as a teacher, facilitator, and trainer (BB 3 & 4).

This Program Is NOT For You:

  • If you are not called to teach or learn how to train others
  • If you are happy and satisfied at the relationship coach level and want to become a better coach by focusing on growing your private practice

How To Qualify:

The first requirement for RC3 Mastery Level is to have successfully graduated from RC2. To aspire to this expert of certification you must be fully committed investing yourself to develop your teacher and trainer, and of course, your human beingness. This training will not be like the others and it will not be easy. You will be pushed beyond your current competencies and beliefs. You will graduate with a whole new level of empowerment and belief in yourself. The Relationship School® has high expectations of you as a student of relationship mastery. We want each of you to step further into who you are as a natural born helper and as a cultural evolutionist. This means, you must identify, recognize and own more and more aspects of your inner leader and your trainer. You must have the courage to work through the blocks that keep you from owning these magnificent parts of yourself. You must be clear that you want to teach and train others and this is a highest value and calling of yours. Finally, to qualify and be accepted into the RC3 Mastery Level you must apply as per the process provided below. Your RC2 graduation does qualify you, but to be accepted it is the quality and motivation of your candidature as per the requirements of the process that will satisfy the requirements of your acceptance. I also want students in this program who are committed to increasing their self-value/worth. Why? Because at the end of the day that’s what you are teaching others to do. And if you can’t value yourself, it’s going to be hard to show someone else how to do it. Remember, this expert level training is for people who want to lead, teach, and train others. Finishing this program you will become a “Lead Trainer” in the Relationship School®. I should mention for the really brave, there is another step beyond Level 3, which is to become a “Certified Trainer.” In order to qualify for that, you’ll need to successfully complete RC3 and reach 1000 hours of coaching, facilitating, and teaching.

Prerequisites to Join

  • Be a certified RC2 (rare exceptions considered)
  • Have taken DPIR and/or been a TA for DPIR course
  • Have taken RAP, been a client of Jayson’s or taken at least 2 of his courses
  • Pass a warrior exam where you share of your knowledge of the Love360 principles and objectives through a live video exam for review and feedback
  • Be willing to represent The Relationship School® and the Love360 brand

The Relationship School RC3 Mastery Level Application.

  1. Pass a warrior exam by June 1 where you share of your knowledge of the Love360 principles, objectives, and understanding of relationship coaching through a live video for review and feedback.
  2. Record a 2-minute video as to why you want this and what you are going to do to become the best trainer in the School®. Send it to me by June 1 at midnight.
  3. Write a one page essay on why you want this and what you are hoping to get out of it and what you will offer the program.
  4. Once selected eligible students must formally confirm by June 5th 2018 with a deposit of $1000. This deposit is non-refundable.

Certification Program Duration: 1 Year (11 Months)

Program Dates:

August 2018 – June of 2019. Thursdays – We will meet 2 x per month from 9:30-11am (slightly dependent on how many people are in the program)

Content covered in virtual classes:

  • Your coaching sessions viewed by Jayson
  • Watching videos of you leading classes (RC1, DPIR, Roots, Roots VIP, RS Europe) and giving feedback on your teaching/coaching
  • Watching videos of you training students
  • Your supervision sessions of coaches on their videos and coaching
  • Guest teachers, therapists, and coaches

Content covered in in person classes:

  • Coaching the coaches
  • Leading many aspects of the live RC1 trainings
  • Leading small and large groups and getting feedback real time on your facilitation, teaching, coaching, and leadership skills
  • Mentoring RC1 and RC2 coaches
  • Helping design curriculum for coaches
  • And so much more

What you get:

  1. Over 600 hours of training
  2. 200 hours of coaching
  3. Direct downloads from Jayson
  4. Direct contact hours with Jayson (no students are supervising you, only Jayson)
  5. 28.5 hours of virtual classes
  6. 3 live weekend trainings where you get to learn, lead, coach, teach and train
  7. Your own added teaching/facilitation track
    1. Roots
    2. Roots VIP
    3. DPIR Q and A sessions
    4. RC1 teaching/supervision sessions
    5. RS Europe (in person and virtual)
    6. Leading a local relationship group of 6-10 people for a minimum of 8 weeks
  8. The opportunity to teach more and lead more
  9. The opportunity to become a “course leader” for DPIR and RC1
  10. The opportunity to become a “course leader” for Embracing Conflict
  11. The opportunity to become a “trainer” and “lead trainer”

Required Reading:

  1. You’ll read 1 book of your choice pertaining to trainer and teaching others and teach us the 5 key concepts about it
  2. You’ll read 2 books Jayson recommends based on what you need to develop

Your role:

  1. Student/Human Being
  2. Coach
  3. Teacher
  4. Trainer

Coaching clients.

  • Minimum of 200 direct coaching hours with real clients – (breaks down to about 4.5 sessions per week, over 11 months)
  • 4 different couples throughout the year (you are welcome to do more, of course). Must do a minimum of 6 sessions with them. This will help you supervise “couples work” with your supervisees.
  • Jayson must observe at least 6-8 videos (or practice sessions) over the course of 1 year.
  • Must do peer review videos with your own coaching. Number to be determined.


  • Attend 3 live weekends in Boulder Co.
    • Sept- Wednesday – Sunday (5 full days)
    • Jan- Wed- Saturday(4 full days)
    • May- Wednesday- Sunday (5 full days)
  • Step into a supervisor/small group leader for RC2 students (for their entire 9-month training)
  • Manage your assignment in the Smart Couple Facebook group (supervise the RC1 students and track them in there for that month).
  • Attend live weekends to help facilitate

Bonus points and extra training:

  • Attend DPIR course (this is for those that are interested in teaching the DPIR course one day)
  • Attend RC1
  • Attend RC2
  • Attend the optional add on weekend to accelerate your learning and certification (This counts as an extra 30 hours)
  • Attend an Embracing Conflict weekend (counts as 20 hours of training) and volunteer to teach something
  • Attend or Re-watch RC1 group calls, mostly as an observer.

Teaching & Leadership

  • Teach at least 1 of the core skills at each of the 3 live weekends or Embracing Conflict weekend
  • Teach & Coach Roots VIP, Roots, RS Europe, and contribute when Jayson cannot teach (Daxe and Jennifer for now)
  • Lead one smart couple FB live or free web class
  • Demonstrate your ability to teach to an audience of up to 10 people
  • Be able to run at least one local meet up group in your own town with a minimum of 4 people in attendance (could be leading a circle with friends where you share the view and tools with them)
  • Present a 10-15 min Relationship class to TA’s
  • Help facilitate the warrior exams at live weekends and/or virtually
  • Model and embody the warrior spirit of The Relationship School® leadership team


– Your role is to supervise RC2 students during the entire course. You are also welcome to “supervise” RC1 students at whatever your coaching rate is.

  • Monthly 1:1 supervision check ins. 20 min (x # of group members) x 11
  • Monthly small group. 1 hour x 11 months
  • Observe each others teaching/training 1x month and give feedback

The Value You Are Receiving


Questions to consider:

If you were not training at the School, where else would you get what you are getting? If you set out on your own, how long would it take you to get a group of deeply committed people that will happily learn from you and see you as an authority? On your own, how long would it take you to Teach to a room of 20, 50, or 80 people? To me this training is a gift, a priceless experience. If for whatever reason, you still feel this training is worth less than the tuition, this training is not a good fit for you. In my world, this training is worth more than the number above. Ultimately I want people who see this value and are grateful it’s being offered at the low rate it is.

Tuition: $10,500

Payment: We are very conscious that this is an important investment. In order to ensure that you can you have 2 choices

  1. Pay in full
  2. Pay in Monthly Installments with 10% Interest
  3. Work study + partial payment


You and only are responsible for your performance. Therefore, the Relationship School® cannot guarantee you will succeed this level of Mastery. Please note that there are no refunds for dropping out or failing the program. If you don’t complete the program on time, but want to, you will be charged Jayson’s hourly rate to finish any “supervision” from him.

Ready to learn how to help others and get paid for doing what you love?

Hurry and get your application in now!
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