Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
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My experience as a student and apprentice in the Relationship School® has been life-changing. The teachings that Jayson offers up have really expanded my knowledge. I love the live webinars and the content that he brings and the way he delivers it. Even more important to me is the strong community of other students with whom I practice the skills and who help keep me accountable. The tools that I have learned have helped me to step more into my power in my relationships. They are practical and easy to digest and integrate into my life. I feel now a greater sense of connection to myself and others than I ever have before because I have learned how to step more into my own authentic expression without sacrificing connection. I wish I had learned these skills earlier since I am experiencing such growth and expansion in my life and in my capacity as a human. I am so excited about the mission of the Relationship School® to teach people the class they never had in school. In fact, I’m excited to say that through my involvement in the school, I have changed my career path and I am now embarking on a path as a transformational life and relationship coach. Thank you Jayson Gaddis. I am truly grateful.

Julie Gillaspie

Relationship School® Mentor / Level 1 Coach

One of the things that I’ve really enjoyed is having intimate emotional connection with men about what their challenges are, what are their struggles with relationship and finding commonality. It’s been so inspiring to experience that with other men in a way that I haven’t before

Langston Verdin

This experience has been groundbreaking for me and my partner and yesterday was a journey that has left us both more grounded in the relationship.One of the things that I’ve really enjoyed is having intimate emotional connection with men about what their challenges are, what are their struggles with relationship and finding commonality. It’s been so inspiring to experience that with other men in a way that I haven’t before.

Rachel Anderson

This has been a really heart opening experience. I am filled with gratitude and respect for all of the individuals here on a journey to improve their relationship skills. For me, personally, blending this the principles of nonviolent communication will be my path in life.

Nicole Lorenz

This weekend has been so energizing. I feel a sense of community and belonging for this relationship work. I have been doing the work online and doing partner calls but feeling the vibe of people who are like-minded and love doing this [work] has been so impactful for me to feel their presence and to practice. The way that this is setup has really helped me to feel confident in my abilities.

Matthew Nelson

Since starting Jayson Gaddis’s Relationship School® launch this last September, I’m feeling grateful and changed. Taking the plunge into this powerful course was an important decision I’m happy I made.

With lectures and homework projects designed to spark understanding of how relationship works best, a high value of mine came into focus; the value of relationship as a path of growth. When I’m growing, I feel alive and curious. Once I realized that through connecting authentically, the more I grew, the more convinced I became that I was in the right place. Relationship as I’ve been exploring in this course, puts me on a potent path of growth. Continually coming up against my edges of fear and discomfort when in relationship and then very gradually learning to embrace these edges has developed for me a kind of muscle of relationship endurance all within the context of a secure place to be present in together.

The most impactful part of the course work came through the partner practices. Working consistently with the tools my partners and I had just learned in class; how to listen deeply, find the shared experience, share impact and even repair after a disagreement brought the techniques alive. Without this way of working, I could never have truly begun to embody this work and start taking the tools out into my life. I am grateful also, for the people I’ve been working with in the course. I feel a deep kindred warmth for them and in all our shared experiences.

The tools are making their mark as I’m embodying them with each experience in and out of practice work. I find I am more likely to speak up; with my family, my friends close and distant. And with that my relationships have become a fertile ground for growth and love. In short, this course has taught me to dare to come back into relationship, with curiosity and a sense of the possibility of connecting in a whole and fulfilled way.

Susan Clark

64, Relationship School® Apprentice

Daxe Schröter

Relationship School® Mentor / Level 1 Relationship Coach

Being in the same room as Jayson and Ellen, sharing their wisdom and truths, was bringing everything I had already experienced through Jayson’s courses and podcasts to fruition. Thanks to Jayson, I have much more knowledge about successful ways to deal with conflict. Thanks to Jayson, I have more hope.


With the help of Jayson and Ellen, I gained tools I NEVER would have otherwise gained.


I’m overwhelmed with gratitude considering the transformations I’ve experienced in my relationships. I love the effective tools, methods, and support that helped me embody deep confidence as a partner, coach, father, friend and beyond. I light up thinking about how growing in this way has had an exponential impact on my life and family – I can’t imagine a better investment in myself. My only regret is not “Getting this” sooner. Thank you for serving up “The course I never got in school” so powerfully. I can only imagine DPIR becoming even more powerful over time.

Steven Srotir

44, Apprentice Relationship Coach

Learning and working with Jayson Gaddis and The Relationship School® has been like an education on steroids (in the best way possible). Through study and practice I am putting some significant pieces of my own story together to see more clearly the whole picture and to gain a much broader view and expansive space for myself to live in and to be with others, in relationship. Sometimes it’s messy. Sometimes I fall down and have to get back up. And sometimes I find a new key to unlock an old door! One by one, as I step through them, it’s as if I’m taking a long-awaited walk home to myself and into connection in a way I’ve always imagined possible – not the fantasy, but in real time and real life! I feel grateful and encouraged, more confident and capable, awake and alive. Thank you, Jayson!

Jennifer Morrison

Relationship School® Mentor / Level 1 Coach

I have been learning so many tools to be a better communicator, a better partner, and [a] more vulnerable [individual].

Daniel Rosa

Spending time here this weekend helped me realize so many things that I need to work on for myself, for my family, for my wife and for a healthy future that I really want. I’m thankful and I’m excited about the next eight months.

Jared Chastain

I just want to say that I had some expectations coming into this, all of which were unbelievably exceeded. I I think it was the most profound weekend I have ever experienced in my life. I would encourage anybody who is even marginally interested  to do it. It is was the most moving, most beautiful and most profound thing I have ever been a part of.

Margot Rogers

I am looking forward to going back home and to practice [these tools] with my partner. This is a new romantic relationship and I feel very excited about building a solid foundation between us.

Ana Ruiz

The tools that we have learned this weekend have helped [my husband and I] get over even an issue that we have been struggling with for months. This has helped us work through it and understand each other better. I think that we can take these tools and use them with our family and our children. That was worth everything.

Amy Chastain

The tools that this [experience] gives for engaging in conflict, but even more so for understanding how to connect with people, not just an intimate relationships, but all relationships. But in intimate relationships I see a way forward to the kind of connection we all want and that we often don’t know how to get.

Sacha Vignieri