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Asking Your Partner To Change – SC 155

by | September 4, 2017
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It seems like my husband wants me to change things, and that there are things I want him to change…
Is that the same things as wanting him to grow, just in different terms? I’ve heard you say that people can’t change their partners, but you have said that the goal should be to grow. I’m wondering what the difference is.
How do you accept that your partner isn’t going to change, but then strive or agree to grow?
– Natalie, Denver


  • Is it okay to want your partner to change? [2:00]
  • Reasonable vs. unreasonable requests [3:00]
  • Reframing change from a growth-oriented mindset [4:00]
  • Requests that make your partner feel judged [6:00]
  • When is it better to move on than to try to change someone? [8:00]


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