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The #1 Reason Your Partner Won’t Do The Work – Jayson Gaddis – 421

By Jayson
November 15, 2022



Do you find yourself in a relationship with someone who isn’t meeting you halfway?

Are you curious to learn why your partner refuses to do their part of the work in the relationship?

According to behavioral psychology, human beings are hedonistic. We prefer pleasure over pain, good over evil, comfortable over uncomfortable—even though  it is through discomfort that we grow. If you listen to the podcast, I consider you a growth/developmental-oriented person. If a non-growth/developmental-oriented person stays in a relationship with you long enough, they inevitably will bump up against discomfort and will do one of three things: run, check out, or sabotage.

Tune in to this short episode to learn more about avoidance tactics, the number one reason your partner resists change, and the role shame plays in this dynamic.

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  1. Tosha

    Wow! This was so good! I wish my person would listen to this and understand this….

  2. Tosha

    Also you described a client that doesn’t want to break
    Up her Family but has a partner that’s not willing to do the work.

    I’m curious , What is your feedback on that?


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