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Kristen Mira

Kristen Mira

Level 1 Certified RS® Relationship Coach

I knew from a young age that I wanted to be in the helping profession. As a girl I looked forward to my Mom’s Ladies Home Journal magazine coming in the mail so I could crack it open to the column, “Can This Marriage Be Saved?”. I read on the edge of my seat to see if the therapist would be able to help them to save their marriage.

While I was fascinated about relationship dynamics at a young age, I struggled with my own challenges to create a solid partnership as an adult. I grew up in a family where I learned to trade my true self for connection. As a result I feared being seen in an intimate partnership and avoided relationships altogether or got into dating relationships where I tolerated feeling unseen and unknown.

Though deep down, I knew the power of connection and I wanted to do whatever it took to heal and grow so I could be in a good partnership. I began to work through my codependent behaviors, challenges with boundaries, communication and my own emotional unavailability. My personal growth path led me to coach training at The Relationship School. There I experienced the power of present centered Relationship Coaching and experienced a lot of healing in my relationships.

I’m passionate to help other individuals experiencing struggles to attract, create or sustain a healthy partnership. If you’re ready to dive into the work of your specific relationship challenges, schedule a session here.

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