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Boundaries & Needs – SC 143

By Jayson
July 22, 2017

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Since a boundary of mine is about to be breached – again – does that spell the end of this particular partnership?
I’ve been lying to myself and my partner about my ok-ness with her quarterly 7+ day adventures with a supposedly platonic friend of hers. It took almost a year to figure that out and come to a place of acceptance with it. Last night during a semi-routine check-in conversation I was finally able to be honest with myself and with her that these trips, which started after she and I began seeing each other just over a year ago, are not ok with me – to the point of being non-negotiable. It turns out that I need my partner to have me as their primary adventure person.
In less than two weeks, my partner and this friend of hers are scheduled to embark on a 9 day climbing journey together.
– Alex, CA


  • Alex’s question [1:00]
  • When people use spirituality as an excuse for not standing up for their needs [2:00]
  • How to find win-win when making requests with your partner [4:00]
  • The difference between setting setting boundaries with your partner and controlling them [6:00]
  • When is it best to take what we’ve learnt from this relationship as practice for the next? [9:00]



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