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The 2 Most Common Male Sexuality Issues And How To Resolve Them – Destin Gerek 292

By Jayson
May 27, 2020

As a man, I have wrestled with my sexuality most of my life. 

That’s why I love it when other men are willing to “go there.” 

Here’s another rich conversation with two men getting honest about us guys in the bedroom. 

I first spoke to Destin Gerek a few years ago in episode 98 about evolving masculinity, and the man who used to call himself the Erotic Rockstar joins me again in episode 292 to build off that conversation and talk his new book The Evolved Masculine: Be the Man the World Needs & the One She Craves.

Click here to listen.

We discuss what an evolved man looks like 2020, why some men fear their masculinity, and the vulnerability of embracing the feminine within. We also talk intimately about common male sexuality issues and feeling satisfied not only with our partners, but with ourselves.

This is a good one for men AND women — go check it out!


  • 2:53 Introduction Destin Gerek
  • 8:05 Masculine and feminine energy
  • 10:00 Why some men are afraid to show their masculine side
  • 11:25 The impact of the #MeToo movement on men
  • 17:00 How men can use their sexuality as a gift for women
  • 24:40 Men must believe they are worthy of sex
  • 27:00 How can men cultivate a healthy sexual relationship?
  • 31:25: What men can do to improve their sexual performance
  • 44:30 How our relationship with our parents affects the relationship with our partners
  • 48:20 How men can be better husbands and a better dads
  • 54:15 Action Step


  1. JoelPatterson

    Thanks for such great content Jayson and Destin. I bought Destin’s book this morning. A couple years ago I bought Jayson’s book at the Boulder book store. Love the podcast and I like your work Jayson. It’s helped me in my life. Thanks!

    • meg@relationshipschool.com

      thanks for sharing and for your support of this work Joel, it means a lot. =)

  2. Vern Minard

    Very powerful information for me as a male and lover to find me in the hole experience and how to meet my partners’ needs and desires


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