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Relationship Coaching Professional Network (RCPN)

The RCPN is a way for Certified Relationship Coaches to stay connected to the School so that they can advance their coaching, stay accountable, and belong to the best relationship coaching network available.

Who is it for?

Graduates of RCT (formerly RC1) who want to continue to be a part of the coaching community in order to receive additional support, networking opportunities, coaching endorsement, and resources from the School. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who want to hold each other accountable to the highest standards of relationship coaching.

what you get

  1. 10% off all RS courses, virtual products, workshops and merchandise as long as you are in the RCPN (this cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers)
  2. A secured spot on our website public directory as one of our Certified Relationship School Coaches in good standing
  3. An opportunity to join our Coach Referral Program (coming in late 2020)
  4. Four quarterly continuing education calls – each one is an hour in length sharing updates on the curriculum, best practices, advancements in the methodology, general group coaching, and Q&A
  5. Random bonus calls with special guest coaches or teachers
  6. One 60-minute, live, individual coaching demonstration call with Jayson, per year
  7. Access to the latest updates of our teachings, concepts and tools, which allows you stay updated and in touch with the fast moving fields of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Attachment Theory and others
  1. Access to the RCPN members area where the quarterly recorded calls and videos are stored
  2. Access to Jayson’s professional network to help you find resources and referrals for your clients that may need more support than you are able to provide
  3. Access to a private FB group
  4. Opportunity to invest in our IP Licensing Fee and teach Intellectual Property, etc.
  5. Opportunity to apply to become a Small Group Leader in a future course or an Assistant Course Lead (ACL)
  6. Opportunity to help facilitate coaching circles at events and workshops such as Accepted & Connected (formerly Embracing Conflict)
  7. Credibility in the coaching community by being a part of our Relationship Coaching Professional Network
  8. The ability for you to continue to deepen your professional career with all of the support listed above for when you get stuck in the weeds with your clients or feel you are in over your head

Deadline: June 7th, 2020








Lear More About RCPN


Please read the below sections as they answer some of the most common questions we get about this training.

 Initial one time set up fee of $250 (due up front)
The membership fee is $50 per month ($600) or $500 annually if paid up front for one year. Membership renewals must be approved by TRS each year.
Membership fees are automatically deducted monthly. You can leave the network anytime by emailing us at, with your request to discontinue your membership, prior to your next payment date. We will turn off your automatic billing and you will lose access to the benefits described above.
  • Must be a Certified Level 1 Relationship Coach
  • Payments in good standing
  • Adhere to the TRS Code of Ethics
  • Attend three of the four quarterly calls per year (if you miss, you have to write a reflection paper on the call you missed and email to
  • Volunteer as a coach at at least one live event or workshop per year
  • Commit to excellence and embodying Relational Leadership, the principles and objectives of PCRC, and the I2 (Interpersonal Intelligence®) tools

Options for joining

First time enrollment
Certified coaches can join during the enrollment windows of May 15th-31st and October 15th-31st, during their year of graduation, by paying the one-time setup fee of $250 and setting up their monthly or annual payment(s). Membership is active for one year, and re-enrollment will be offered to those coaches who meet the current membership requirements and remain a coach in good standing.


  • The window for re-enrollment is May 15th-31st and October 15th-31st.
  • Certified coaches can rejoin RCPN for another year by paying the current monthly or annual membership fees.
  • Must meet the current membership requirements and be a coach in good standing.
  • Provide evidence of continuing education. Options include:
    • Be a student in ORCA or CCT, OR
    • Get a minimum of six 30-minute sessions of direct supervision per year from a Certified RS Supervisor (currently in process)
  • Failure to meet these requirements will result in removal from RCPN and the website listings.

*TRS® will 100% guarantee “general marketing” by mentioning you in our blog, Relationship School Facebook group, and podcast from time to time. You will also be listed on with a photo and bio, as well as an external link to your website. We do not guarantee you will be contacted by clients for coaching services. While we do promote our coaches regularly, we do NOT currently provide personalized direct marketing or sales support for our RCPN coaches. You are responsible for building your own coaching practice. That said, we are currently working on a future Coach Referral Program to assist you.

Enrollment Summary

  • Each year certified TRS coaches will have two opportunities to enroll in RCPN or the optional IP Licensing Fee (May 15th-31st and October 15th-31st)
  • Re-enrollment information will be distributed to previous graduates via email
  • If you do not meet the re-enrollment requirements after one year, you’ll be removed from RCPN and the website listings

Ready to join the RCPN?

Deadline: June 7th, 2020