When spring is in the air you will feel a lot of emotions quivering through your body. There are different times in life and through the year that are best suited for different things.

Maybe the autumn is the most natural time to reflect over the past year but if we make reflection into a habit in our relationship we create opportunities to grow stronger, happier and more passionate together.

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A lesson in reflection!

We have said it before and it's worth repeating, what doesn't develop and grow will slowly die. There is nothing in the Universe, nature or even in our own inner where there is any kind of form of so called "status quo" where things are immutable.

A perfect way to give something developmental attention that stimulates it to growing and vitality is to actively reflect over it. To actively reflect together is the true power when it comes to relationships.

One of the basic conditions to be able to reflect together in a good way is often to take control over your own time. It easily happens that we feel we are lacking time and in the frenzy of getting a lot of things done in a short while we miss out on spending time together with our partner to talk about what gives our relationship satisfaction and happiness in the long term.

It is the experiences, emotions that we remember and should use when we reflect to create powerful lessons. It is how well we are able to handle and process them together that determine how well we develop together in the relationship.

A lot of unnecessary conflicts can be stopped before getting too big, the understanding for each other will deepen and the love strengthen by together have reflecting conversations around the relationship. It is like with a car, if you do smaller regular services you will avoid those big expensive repairs where the whole engine has broken down.

Article: Reflect more for love!

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'Without deeper reflection you understand from the daily life that you exist to other people'

(Albert Einstein)

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