This is written to you who have a core of male energy. I will call you a man for most of this letter as it is what you most often are. Sometimes you are also a woman with an internal core of male energy. It is not as common but still perfectly ok as long as it is the real you. To get the polarity and passion in your intimate relationships you need to find a man, or another woman for that matter, that has an inner core of female energy.

That said, however, this letter is written to you with an inner core of male energy and I will call you a man just for the simplicity of it. I hope you understand and indulge in this simplification.

So why am I then writing this letter? It feels important to share some of my experiences with you my brother, my experiences of living in relationships that contain the dance between male and female energy.

If you are a woman, or one with an inner core of female energy, you will simply have to stop reading from here. Don’t come and say that you are curious about the rest of the contents, about what a man writes to other men about relationships, about female and male energy. You will have to stop reading here, the rest is not for your eyes and I am sure you will stop reading now.. Yeah right..

Are you still reading? Well, you should know that I will be writing things that you won’t at all agree with. That’s not my problem, I told you to stop reading. I’m pleased to see that you are taking an interest but I hope you take it for what it is, a man’s views and experiences, his contemplation of his own life in regards to his relationships. It is just my experiences and my view or opinion as it is the only opinions I can relate to. If they don’t match or agree with yours, whether you are a man or woman, I will say a warm welcome to our differences.

This was supposed to be a letter to you as a man so I better come to the point and start with writing to just you. I would like to begin to tell you as a man, you can stop applying any kind of logic reasoning to your relationship with your woman. What I mean is, stop trying to understand her behavior, her way of being or thinking. At least stop trying to see it from the perspectives that we men love to understand things, where one plus one equals two, where you build the foundation first before you build a house with structural beams on top, or where you plan your lineup based on the team you meet and where it is a fact that if the ball goes over the side line it is always a throw-in.

The sooner you can let go of the idea that you are able to understand your woman’s emotional ways, her way to relate to other people and her seemingly incomprehensible whim, the sooner you instead can see her as a being that carries all the beauty and mystery in the Universe in one and the same person, the sooner you will have more energy to enjoy happiness in life, the sooner you will free yourself and her in your relationship by letting her be everything she can be, the sooner you will experience real passion in your relationship.

I’m not writing this saying it is easy or that I manage to do it every day. Sometimes I can find myself sitting down, trying to put my woman’s jigsaw puzzle together so that I can get an image of how her reasoning strings work together. Sometimes I forget to realize that nothing of what she says, or at least almost nothing, doesn’t mean that she somewhere in all this can change her mind between two seconds and two weeks after she has said it.

Your task as a man is to stand there through her emotional storms, to be the lighthouse in her ocean, lighting up the surroundings and showing her the way whether or not it is hailing horizontally or the sun shines in all its glory. Meet her energy flows with the same steadiness, the same strong determination that you would use when you meet the opposing team in your favorite sport, a team that you would hate losing to. Meet her with the same strength that you have in the depths of your original masculinity, the most primitive in you. Meet her with your entire manliness without attacking, without defending yourself. Just by being there and in a loving way, not budging an inch other than to fill her real needs.

The big equation for us men to solve, the Gordian knot if you so will, is to satisfy your woman’s needs so that she feels like she is unconditionally loved and can flourish in all her vibrant femininity while, at the same time, you won’t become a victim for her whims, a puppet that she can control the way she wishes.

Sometimes you might have to figure out what it is that she really needs even though she says something different, more about this later. If she feels that she can control you, get you where she wants in every situation, then she will probably assume that other women will be able to control you as well and that doesn’t come well in the domains of fidelity. It will also cause you to look less attractive in her eyes; at least if she allows herself to fully be a woman, she will then see you as a man with a backbone.

Conquer and find the balance between master and the servant, between the rock and the pleaser, between the cave man and the dream prince. Conquer this and you will have a delicious dessert waiting in your relationship, a dessert that won’t finish no matter how much you eat from it.

I have also learnt something that I feel is of the highest importance to share with you my brother. The big Secret! The knowledge that our ancestors have known for centuries but that sometimes has become lost on the road between a father and son or that in some way has been distorted in relevance from one generation to another. The big secret is that a woman doesn’t always mean what she says or doesn’t always need what she says she needs.

To solve this biggest mystery of generations you have to be a stubborn, passionate and understanding detective who is prepared to do what is required, by this I really mean whatever that is required, to between the lines and the emotional expressions find the true meaning in what your woman says. You need to learn to put your magnifying glass to work and feel in to her heart to hear what it is that she is really saying.

You might say that it sounds hard. Let me tell you, when it is the hero that stands in the middle of the arena, sweaty, panting and maybe even bloody, that is when the woman of his dreams will fall in to his arms and give herself completely to him. It is not when he sits at home in his couch with a bag of crisps in his hand, thinking that life is unfair. Believe me, I have done both in my life and I have experienced the difference.

If this challenge doesn’t appeal to you then it is my belief that you would benefit from finding aid in uncovering more of your male core. It might be in connection with other men who have already done so or with others who are on the same journey as you so that you can give strength to each other as a team, just as a sports team together can do things that far exceed what the individual thought was possible. It can also be in contact with yourself under circumstances where you feel the raw material in your male fibers, the most basic in your being, for example in direct contact to the elements of nature.

If you feel that your woman isn’t doing her part, that she isn’t letting her female side shine through, by not uncovering her smooth sexy inner for you, if this is occupying your thoughts I have one strong advice to you… Are you ready? Go and stand in front of a concrete wall, then with a good speed hit your forehead in the concrete wall repeatedly. It will be as productive and painful as what you are doing in your relationship.

I have learnt that I need to step in to the shoes of a man. It is our job as men to lead the way, unlock her, to take her to places inside herself where she hasn’t dared go to before in the absence of a rock to lean on. You are that rock. It is her job to test you, to poke her finger in your most vulnerable wounds, to try and drive you mad just to see what you have, that you are the rock that stands through storms.

Love the little girl, the adult horny woman and the mature wise lady with all the power. They all live within her and you need to love all parts of her vengeance.

I will finish with words from the world of movies, where Peter Parker, alias Spiderman, says about his beloved Mary Jane:”When you look in to her eyes you know what man you want to be”

I wish you a warm good luck on the adventure on being a forceful passionate man surrounded with free flowing female energy.

Your Brother

P.S: Don’t ever forget the word attention. Be prepared to give your woman attention 24 hours a day when she requires it and trust that she will require it, and most often when you are as least willing to give it, when you’re working on an important project or doing something else and do not want to be disturbed. Female energy will flourish with attention. Make sure that there is never a doubt in her that she is number one in your life, before work, before sport, before the kids. Make sure of this and you will have a happy woman. A happy woman means a happy relationship which in turn means a happy man. Not the other way around.

Homework assignment

This time the homework is for you who live in an intimate relationship with another person who has a core of female energy. Decide that for 30 days you will worship her totally, without doubt, without reservation, without keeping count on who gives the most, all parts of her being, without expecting result, without expecting anything in return. Do this and get ready for a stimulating ride.

Couple with laptop studying relationships